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Jeri Ryan’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!



Because of Them, We Can


I adore this :) Put a real smile on my face.



Tried to watch Orange is the New Black because I love all the tumblr gifsets but oh my god I do not care about Pepper and her sad white girl problems and I am a sad white girl.

ETA: Apparently her name is Piper.

I watched the first season and liked it, because I did housework during the Larry scenes, and then I got to Season 2, Episode 1, and it was Piper Piper Piper and I haven’t finished that episode in three weeks so I guess I’m done.

Noooo, carry on! The first episode (and maybe the second, I don’t remember) is really Piper-centric but then for the rest of the season she actually gets LESS attention than she did in S1. She’s not even involved in the main S2 storyline.




naomi’s hair is like almost down to her butt

i wonder if fast-growing hair is a ktarian thing

Don’t cut it. Just trim it. My hair reached my rear by the age of four or so. I refused to let it be cut or something like that. Trim yes not cut. No need to cut the hair. Though I’m wondering who on the ship was cutting everyone’s hair.

holo-barber! if they can make a holographic surgeon, i’m sure they can program a hologram with the basic supercuts menu without too much trouble. 

Yeah, I always assumed most ships use the holodeck for this sort of stuff. Probably the Enterprise having a real barber is considered really luxurious, but then I guess it is the flagship.

I do wonder if people just pop in for ten minutes every morning, some of their hairstyles are so elaborate!


this x files hiatus is getting kinda long





Todd Lockwood's amazing animations of dragons in flight. The red dragon is conventional  - if any dragon can be considered conventional - but the gold dragon with that extraordinary wing and helix-ripple, not at all…

I just spent ten minutes staring at these. Thank you Todd!

I have always loved gold dragon wings! It’s so awesome to see them moving!


Star Trek Friendshipfest - Almost Time!

Hey folks! Stories going live has been unavoidably pushed back a little bit, but I’m hoping I’ll still be able to do it either later today or sometime tomorrow.

In the meantime the collection is still open for treats, as explained here!


The Navy names a ship after Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. Pictured above, the ship being christened by Dr. Tam O’Shaughnessy, Ride’s widow, 
(U.S. Navy Photo by John F. Williams)


The Navy names a ship after Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. Pictured above, the ship being christened by Dr. Tam O’Shaughnessy, Ride’s widow, 

(U.S. Navy Photo by John F. Williams)


Arlo the Australian Shepherd







Dyscalculator is a free IOS app calculator specifically designed for people with dyscalculia.

You can easily switch around and drag and drop numbers and the numbers are written out in words underneath where they are written numerically.

You can also choose to have the numbers read aloud to you.

this would have been sweet for when i was in school. heck it might be sweet now.


Downloading this right now. I am so excited.

Mod here. I hope this is helpful for some of you—I’m really psyched to see assistive technology being made specifically for dyscalculics!

this is awesome!

Shame this is iOS only, at least for now. But passing it along in case it might be helpful.


Hey guys! So my boss just cancelled my one shift a week at my job, which means I’m extra fucked financially this month than I already was! So I’m doing an emergency commission drive.

CUSTOM COMICS: $20/page B&W, 25 Colour. That’s right, cool-ass custom comics from me, the guy what did birthday skeleton.

B&W ILLUSTRATIONS: $20. Drawings of whatever you want! Your OC’S, pictures of your friends, A lovingly shaded hyper-realistic dick, whatevs!

COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS: $30. Same deal but now your hyper-realistic dick is painted in the finest watercolours on heavy grade paper!

If you don’t have the money, please reblog, I really need some financial help because my bike has a flat, my only jeans are both ripped to hell, my laptop is dying and I don’t even have the money to make my rent. Contact me here or at


the pacific rim au of legally blonde though:

elle woods trying to get into jaeger academy to win back warner.

"you got into jaeger academy?" "what, like it’s hard?"

elle woods being drift compatible with vivian.

elle falling for LOCCENT officer emmett.

elle and vivian piloting a jaeger called delta nu.


TVGuide: So who’s the earliest [on set]?
Ethan Phillips: Kate is extremely punctual, well prepared, never flubs a line.
Kate Mulgrew: I do too!
Robert Beltran: I've counted three times this season.
Robert Picardo: When Kate flubs a line, don’t you feel just a little better about yourselves?
Robert Duncan McNeill: It even makes me feel better about bad things that happened years ago.
Picardo: Yeah, being made fun of in fourth grade doesn't hurt as much when Kate flubs a line.
--"Close Encounters With the Cast of 'Voyager'" (TV Guide. July 15, 1995)
Hostile and self-centered, Clariel makes an interesting (if not entirely likable) protagonist; her depiction as (emphatically!) asexual and aromantic is refreshing […] A thunderstorm of a tale, bitter and brutal but dazzling in its ferocity.

Kirkus. and i didn’t think i could get MORE excited for garth nix’s upcoming CLARIEL, prequel to the old kingdom trilogy (aka the Abhorsen series). representation!

for those interested … it comes out october 14th and it’s gonna kick ass

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